Camps & Enrichment

  • Enrichment builds character and so much more

    Enrichment is vital for children. 
Quite literally. It is through play and enrichment that babies and young children 
learn, grow and have fun.
 It helps them understand the world and to develop socially and emotionally.

    Our enrichment centre has programmes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, 
kindergartners and school goers

    These programmes extend the curriculum and are designed to facilitate maximum fun and ongoing skill development through music, movement, imagination and creativity. 
Your child progresses at their own pace, having fun and 
building confidence as they make new friends and develop new skills.

    • Afterschool Care
      For children aged 3 - 6

      After schools close for the day, we still want our children to be in a safe, stimulating and a comfortable environment.
    • Enrichment Programmes
      Designed to complement the core curriculum

      Enrichment is what makes our nursery from Best to Platinum.
    • Holiday Camps
      When schools are out, Camps are in

      We have designed winter, spring, and summer break camps that are fun, smart, and save the day when school is out.
  • Watch how our passionate teachers prepare little ones for big school
    and bring out the best in children, at their own pace