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    What is the fee structure?

    Please click here for fees

    What are your payment methods & terms?

    Cash, cheque & all major credit cards. Parents can pay, per term or monthly

    Are all your enrichment classes included in the nursery fees?

    Up to five enrichment classes are included in the fees.

    Can a child join at the middle of the term or year?

    Yes, a child can join nursery at any time of the year. You will be charged from the day your child starts nursery.

    Can I withdraw my child from the nursery mid-year?

    You can withdraw your child from a nursery mid-year with one term’s notice.

    Do you have sibling discounts?

    Yes, the nursery offers discounts for families with multiple siblings:

    1st child: Full tuition fee
    2nd child: 5% tuition fee discount
    3rd child: 5% tuition fee discount

    Do you provide transportation?

    We do not provide transport

    Child placement and age groups

    We have four groups:

    Infants: age 4 months – walking
    Toddler: age Under 2’s
    Nursery: age 2 years – 3 years
    Preschool: age 3 years – 4years
    Kindergarten: age 4 years – 6 years**

    ** afterschool & holiday camps only

    What curriculum do you follow at building blocks?

    Our core curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

    Combined with the above, we have our Enrichment Program that are active learning programs with developmental objectives for children aged 4 months to 4+ years. By providing a balanced approach to learning, we give parents the peach of mind that their child will have fun as they develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

    What sets building blocks apart from other nurseries ?

    Our designed curriculum
    Our enrichment classes
    Our experienced and passionate teachers
    Our healthy & safe environment
    Our flexible schedules
    Our nutritious meals

    What are your teachers qualifications?

    Our teachers are qualified with either B Ed, BSc in Childcare, NVQ3, NNEB Nursery Nurses, Cache Level 3 and or 2. All are full-time Teachers and Teaching Assistants. In addition to qualification, each staff member is carefully handpicked due to personality, charm, and warmth. Their x factor, that makes them a giver.

    Are all staff trained in CPR and first aid?

    Yes. In addition, we have a DHA licensed nurse on site at all times.

    Do you have field trips?

    Our children visit in and around the community. I.e. the grocery store next door to us, the pizza place around us. We also invite experiences to the nursery, i.e. farm animals visit the nursery, doctor visits, firemen bring their fire trucks etc. However, we don’t advocate field trips due to safety. Visits to the Dubai Mall or to the Burj Khalifa are saved for family activities and when children enter big school.

    Can we alter the registration times?

    The booked registration times form part of a complicated jigsaw that needs to be accurately staffed according to child/adult staffing ratios. However, where it is possible we will try to accommodate small changes provided that we are informed two weeks before the term commences. It is not possible to swap one day for another without altering the registration. Talking is always good but it is always best to confirm potential alterations by email.

    What are the arrangements for drop off and pick up?

    As the adult/child ratios are statutory, we are obliged to monitor drop off and pick up times and if necessary have the registration times adjusted. Punctuality is therefore important because if children arrive before their booked time the adult/child ratios in the Nursery may be affected. Children should never be collected late. The Nurseries are a secure facility and access is strictly controlled. A member of staff meets all parents or carers at the door. Parents or carers must be recognised in order to gain entry. Occasionally, another nominated person may collect a child – in this case an ID must be presented. Without the ID we will not hand over a child.

    Does building blocks have a mobile app for parents use?

    No, we are not fans of mobile apps. It does appear to be a convenient tool and handy for parents use. However the class teacher ends up spending more time on the app uploading photos and data instead of spending time with the children.

    Do you offer part-time care?

    Yes. Our schedule is flexible for full-time and part-time needs.

    How do I know my child is safe?

    The only entry to the campus is through the front doors, which are locked, and only opens for parents with the key card.  Additionally, the nursery

    How do you discipline a child?

    Consciously such as setting boundaries, redirecting, encouragement, one-on-one problem-solving, and teaching skills that promote empathy and self-regulation. Our teachers do not berate, embarrass, punish, or withhold food or activities in order to discipline children.

    Can I visit my child during the day?

    Yes, anytime. Except, if your child is new to nursery and is learning to settle-in. The first two weeks of settling-in period, we would advise parents from refraining to visit. Seeing the parent would deter him from forming trust with the teacher.

    Are meals provided?

    Optionally yes. The nursery provides lunch, snacks and dinner. These are not included in the tuition fee. However, if parents prefer sending a snack, they can send a healthy, nut and pork free snack /lunch.

    How do you deal with food allergies?

    We are a nut free nursery and if any child has allergies to another food, we ask parents in that child’s class not to bring that item in any bags from home (within reason). We have a photo wall in each classroom that lists, medical conditions. This serves a reminder to each parent, faculty, and substitute teachers. Furthermore, all modifications for allergies will be explored on a case by case basis.

    My infant drinks breast milk only. Can I send expressed milk?

    Yes, we encourage breast feeding. Mothers milk will be labeled and kept in the classroom refrigerator.

    What happens if my child is ill?

    Telephone or email the Nursery if your child is ill. Due to staffing commitments we are unable to refund families for days absent due to sickness. If your child becomes ill during our care we will closely monitor the child and immediately contact parents. In an emergency we will make a judgment if it is necessary to quickly take a child to the closet hospital. It is important that the welfare of all the children in the Nursery is safeguarded and for this reason a child with a contagious illness should not be brought into the Nursery.

    My child is still in nappies, can I enroll her?

    Absolutely, yes. We take infants from 4 months onwards and they will certainly need nappies. The nursery and parents will work together on bathroom training, once the child feels ready.

    Does my child have to by potty trained?

    No. Bathroom training is a big part of early years and the nursery staff and parents will work at this together. Parents must provide nappies and wipes for their child until then.

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