For Parents

  • Building Strong Parent Partnerships

    Research has proven that when parents are not only engaged but also actively participating in their child’s education, the child does much better at school and achieves greater success in life.

    We have a range of systems to promote parent involvement at building blocks which include:

    • Providing weekly and monthly newsletters about topics, activities and events taking place
    • Holding a 3 parent-teacher meetings per year
    • Holding educational workshops for parents
    • Maintaining an open door policy for parents to talk to staff
    • Inviting parents to special events
    • Providing daily feedback in respect of your child’s well-being
    • Fundraising 
    • Social & Fun Events
    • Coffee Mornings  (informal gatherings where parents meet and make friends, and more)
    • Parent Socials 
    • Providing parents opportunities to join a class to better understand modern teaching and learning
    • Providing parents expert speakers to help parents understand child development
    • Providing parents guidance, resources and workshops to support parents so they know how to support their child’s learning at home

Careers at building blocks Nursery

A terrific place to enrich your career while enriching the lives of children.

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