Meals at Nursery

  • Balanced Bites by building blocks

    Nutritious meals and snacks are essential for young children’s optimal growth and development. The energy provided by healthy foods ensures that children will be ready to fully participate in the day’s learning opportunities.

    Balanced Bites is our healthy meals program that provides nutritious meals and snacks to infants and children as a regular part of their day.

    Meals at nursery are prepared by our partnering company who have an in-house nutritionist and take pride in providing fresh homemade meals everyday.

    Parents of children who attend our lunch program feel good knowing that their kids are getting a nutritious lunch, and learning about table manners, social norms, and healthy eat. Our parents also find that their children eat a wider variety of foods after attending our program

  • Food Preferences

    We accommodate food preferences, cultural or allergy restrictions with meals made to look like that from the regular menu, so as not to make children feel alienated. Please talk to the office about your child’s dietary needs.

    Hot Meals

    The menu has one hot meal for children staying upto 2:00pm and Two hot meals for children staying past 4:00pm. This can be customized to fit the needs of our families.

  • Menu

    Our homemade recipes are entirely trans-fat free, have minimal salt and sugar and zero fried foods. It is based upon a 4-week rotation of meals that always includes protein, carbohydrates, milk, fruits and vegetables, teaching children to eat a wider variety of foods.

    Picky Eaters

    Having family style meals encourages the pickiest eaters to try something new. Watching their peers taste in wonder scratches their curiosity just enough to explore a new food group.

  • Nut-free and pork free

    Balanced Bites program is completely nut-product free and pork-product free.

    Vegetarian Wednesdays

    To encourage the balanced of vegetables, we have created Vegetarian Wednesdays and encourage parents to continue it throughout the day and after their preschool years.

    Healthy Choices

    During meals children learn about balanced meals, they learn to develop their sense of taste, complementing what they learn at home, to make good food choices without being influenced by trends, media and marketing; and to they learn the relationship between eating habits and health.

    How to make nutritious choices, discover a wide variety of different foods and develop healthy eating habits.

  • Little Chef

    In our weekly enrichment activity, our cooking class goes beyond the rolling pins and toppings. Children talk about taste, flavor and texture. They hear words such as portions, mix, stew and pour. They experience the richness of all cultures and learn about where food comes from, how they have received it and explore the science behind food preparation.

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