How to Choose a Nursery

  • Nursery is your child’s first experience

    and we know how important it is for you to feel really good about the childcare you have chosen.

    When choosing the right nursery for your family, please know. There is no one-size-fits all answer. The best way to get the information you need is by visiting the nursery. Don’t rely on social media posts, or school affiliations. By visiting the nursery and speaking to the manager you can decide if that nursery is the right fit for your family.

    The below checklist is designed to help you ask the right questions when selecting a nursery.

  • Environment:

    • Is the space inviting and warm or is it too sterile or over stimulating?
    • Are the children engaged, happy and excited?
    • Do you see children’s work hung?
    • Is there a safe indoor play area to combat the heat?
    • Is the facility bright and clean?
    • Is it too big? Or too small?
    • Can parents visit?
    • Is the nursery too dependent on i-pads and other screens?
    • Is there a reading corner in your child’s classroom?


    • Are the teachers trained for the age group they teach?
    • Can the teachers explain what children are learning in the classroom?
    • Do teachers encourage cooperation and independence?
    • Do you agree with the approach to discipline?
    • Are there regular parent-teacher meetings through the year?
    • Do teachers receive on-going development and training?
    • What is the staff turnover like?
    • Does the staff appear friendly and sincere?
    • Is the manager friendly, suitable and experienced?

    Infants & Toddlers:

    • Does each baby have his/her own crib?
    • Does the nursery adhere to safe sleeping standards?
    • Are the toys sanitized daily?
    • Are the care, meals and nap times personalized for your baby?
    • Do they have suitable nappy changing facilities?
  • Health & Safety:

    • Does it have ample parking for a safe drop off and pickup?
    • Is access to the nursery locked and secure?
    • Does every classroom have a fire exit?
    • Is the outdoor play area well maintained?
    • Are immunizations required?
    • Is the staff trained in CPR and First Aid?


    • Do you agree with their philosophy to approach of learning?
    • Do children get plenty of time and space to play and explore?
    • How is the information about your child’s day communicated?
    • Is there a structured curriculum?

    Nursery & Preschool:

    • Will the curriculum prepare your child for big school?
    • Does the teacher practices daily small group and large group activities?
    • Do children learn another language?
    • Are there any enrichment classes to complement the core learning?
    • Do the teachers encourage healthy eating?
    • Are bathrooms located inside the classrooms?
    • Are the classrooms hygienic?
    • Is the program focused on the development of the whole child?
    • Does the classroom environment encourage creativity & independence?
    • Is there a variety of fun and engaging activities for children?


    • Is the nursery open all year round?
    • Do they provide afterschool care?
    • Do they provide camps?
    • How is the payment method?
    • Do they provide meals?
    • Do they have a realistic attitude towards working parents?

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